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Bernard Rollins Perfectly Fuses His Passions Via Art

One of the hardest things to do in life is push through and follow your passions even when the cards are stack too high. But for a native Maryland Illustrator, that has become a challenge he’s grown to master defeating time and time ...

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27 Super Soulful Hip-Hop Songs For Champions

This is a continuation of a list I produced last year. Enjoy! [Updated] With all of the craziness going on in the music industry right now I thought I’d take a second to wrangle together a few of my favorite soulful tracks to share ...

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Kanye By Bri Steves Is Boss Music

Kanye By Bri Steves is one of those tracks you will definitely get hella love for when you plug it into the aux chord. Every now and again I get the pleasure of meeting a really dope artist that I respect, love, and believe in, and Steves is ...


Interview With Grammy Award Winning Artist, Grace Weber0

Interview With Grammy Award Winning Artist, Grace Weber

This week in music has been quite special considering the fact we had the opportunity to sit down with the Grammy Award-winning, Grace Weber. She has a voice that will melt anyone’s heart and her spirit exudes ...

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Music Video: Girls Need Love By Summer Walker Is Sultry0

Music Video: Girls Need Love By Summer Walker Is Sultry

Here’s a sultry track from an ATLien that has a sound of a songbird. Girls Need Love by Summer Walker is a song that speaks to the honesty of the taboo of women speaking up and asking for exactly what ...

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Alex Vaughn's The Shift Release Party Was Everything0

Alex Vaughn’s The Shift Release Party Was Everything

When it’s Scorpio season and it is your birthday and on that very same day one of your favorite R&B singer’s birthday, the day is already great. What really put it over the top was going out on ...

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Stereotape, Volume 8: Everybody Loves Dilla Mixed By DJ Face

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